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UK Laptop Repair Centre

One of our other laptop repair site may be able to help with other faults like park royal power socket jack.


Laptop Repairs - good honest advice is such a rare commodity, but why?

Big retailers: Thousands of computers are being cast off because of inaccurate advice from salesman-come-technicians. Some shops are more biased towards selling a new laptop rather than repairing yours - guess that is why they are called retailers. People are being badly advised to waste thousands on new computers even where a simple 59 pound power DC jack replacement is needed. For the salesman it’s just another sale, but you will have to waste hours, even days, to get your software/settings working as before. Manufacturers are also guilty of pushing up sales by making some simple repairs impossible without the correct parts. They have control over spare parts availability and can be very greedy, with some trying to charge hundreds of pounds for simple repairs. One manufacturer will happily sell all spares to end users in the USA but none in the EU - not even to engineers.  Shops will always try to sell you a replacement laptop.


Who can you trust? The experienced specialist engineers. Our engineers have been repairing only laptops for the last ten years. There is no pressure on us to sell you another laptop. Laptop users are usually very attached to their laptops and very rarely want to discard them. Getting a laptop to work exactly as you like is a bit like training a dog - it’s hard work.




Our job is to get your laptop up and running - and as speedily as possible.


Customers trust us because our staff are well experienced professionals in the electronics and computing field. They all have over 25 years of experience in computer repair and maintenance.


Professional Park Royal Laptop Repairs: There are many problems which can stop a laptop working. One of the most serious problems is a faulty motherboard. 90% of the logic is situated on the motherboard, also called the system board. Most motherboard power problems can be reliably resolved.


Park Royal Faulty DC Power Socket:


The laptop fails to charge the battery or keeps switching between battery and mains power.  You may also get a smoke from near the connector. A lot of users instinctively go out and buy an  adapter - Stop! - get your laptop/adapter checked at our repair centre for free. We stock adapters that are designed to work with your laptop. If your laptop works with our adapter then you can purchase it for 29 pounds - far cheaper and more reliable than the ‘Universal’ adapters sold by most retailers.


Park Royal Motherboard Short:


This problem can be caused by burnt out diodes on the motherboard. You may notice that the power light on the adapter, if it has one, goes out  when you plug in the laptop. Our engineers can easily locate the short circuit and fix it. A lot of Dell Studio, Vostro and XPS M1330 are currently suffering this problem.


Park Royal Damaged Video Graphics:


Modern users demand high performance graphics from super slim & light weight laptops and notebooks. Unfortunately, these systems can overheat and damage the connections under the GPU. (66519.).


Symptoms may include:


Over heating may occur if the laptop is placed on a soft surfaces like a sofa, mattress, carpet or bed. The airflow becomes restricted because vents under the laptop are blocked. Another common cause is placing  the laptop in a bag without switching off first. A faulty fan can also kill the motherboard.


Our engineers can repair this fault in most cases. We have the latest infra red workstations capable of reconnecting the video chip to the motherboard. The process is complex and requires thorough testing.


Park Royal Motherboard Memory Slots fault:


This issue normally occurs when the contacts between the memory slot and the motherboard degrade to a point where the memory controller cannot reliably read from or write to memory. Some laptops report that the amount of memory in the system has changed. Others blissfully continue using the bad slot and eventually crash. Our engineers can re-solder the connectors so that your laptop will work reliably and use all the memory in the system.


Park Royal Damaged USB, Networking & HDMI ports:


These faults usually require a replacement of the connector. Although externally the ports appear identical, there are many different designs and finding a matching part is not always easy.



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